The place of the possible

How we supported ourselves to do well

We will only achieve our outcomes if we work well as an organisation. This means working well internally as well as working well with others – our customers, stakeholders, providers and partners. This is a new section of our Annual Report and is driven by good management practices and the Long-term plan objectives: improving asset management practices to better manage risk and the timing of asset replacement, and achieving ongoing efficiencies from shared services and improved customer experiences.

Over the year we made progress to support ourselves and the achievement of our outcomes. At a strategic level we developed a new operating model and are in the process of developing a roadmap to implement its principles and objectives. This is a business model that places our customers at the centre of what we do, and we will be progressively adapting how we deliver services so they are more customer-centric. We also carried out activities in the following areas:

On balance we made significant progress to improve and enhance the health of our people, culture and values, customers and stakeholders, systems and processes, assets and our money over 2015/16. In the future we will develop ‘fit for purpose’ measures on each of these areas to report on.