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Our performance story

Our performance story explains the relationships between what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

Why, What and How

The “why” is simply our strategic framework – our vision and outcomes. Our vision is simple – grow and sustain Wellington City as ‘an inclusive place where talent wants to live’. Our four outcomes that will create long term positive change for our community are:

We carry out a number of activities to achieve these outcomes in the context of our strengths and challenges.

Our Strengths

Wellington   Available Comparisons2
89% % who rate their quality of life as good or very good (2014 Quality of Life Survey) 80% Auckland,
80% Christchurch
38% % of population over 15 with a university qualification (2013 Census, Statistics NZ) 19% Nationally
$67,940 Average annual income ($) (2013 Census, Statistics NZ) $54,230 Nationally
4 No of businesses per 100,000 population among NZ’s fastest growing 50 (Deloitte Fast 50) 1.8 Auckland and upper NI
57.5% % of GDP contributed by smart or creative industries 31.3% Nationally
34% 10-year increase in international visitor arrivals 23% Nationally
86% % who agree that Wellington’s city centre is lively and attractive (Residents' Monitoring Survey 2015)  
6.1t CO2 Carbon emissions per capita (2012/2013) (Wellington City and Region Community Scale Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2000/01 – 2014/15) 7.3t CO2 Auckland

Our ChallengesTop

Wellington   Available comparision
2.1% Average annual % GDP growth (last 10 years) (Infometrics) 2.3% Auckland
1.4% Average annual employment growth (last 10 years) (Infometrics) 1.5% Auckland
1.2% Average annual business growth (last 10 years) (Infometrics) 1.7% Auckland
1.0% Average annual population growth (last 5 years) (Infometrics) 3 1.8% Auckland
669 Number of buildings identified as earthquake prone  

These activities are the “what” of our business and are outlined in our Long-term plan 2015–25 and include the following:

Governance – delivering trust and confidence in decision-making
Environment – protecting and enhancing Wellington’s environment
Economic Development – promoting the city’s competitive advantages in order to enhance quality of life
Cultural Wellbeing – reflecting and shaping Wellington’s unique cultural identity
Urban Development – preserving Wellington as a compact, vibrant and attractive city, now and into the future
Social and Recreation – sustaining safe, resilient and healthy communities
Transport – delivering an efficient and safe transport system that connects people and places

They include both our core services and functions and our value-add initiatives.

We carry out these activities in the context of the objectives in our Long-term plan:

The way we work as an organisation to achieve our activities is the “how”, and includes our people, stakeholders and customers, our systems and processes, our money and our assets.

We measure our performance against the ‘what’ activity areas using the measures included in our Long-term plan 2015–25. These are outlined in the chapter – ‘Measuring our Performance’

2Data limitations prevent consistent comparisons.