The place of the possible

Who we are

While we are a body established under the Local Government Act 2002 to carry out specific legislative functions, our overall objective is working to make sure Wellington is a great place to live, work, play and visit.

We work to achieve this through the collective effort of our 15 elected representative – the Mayor and 14 Councilors, our staff, and our partners, all working together for our residents, rate-payers, and citizens.

It’s our Councilor’s job to make bylaws, set the city’s overall strategic direction, and approve budgets, policies and plans aimed at achieving that direction. Part of their role is to listen to and take the pulse of our community before making decisions.

Our elected representatives are supported by our Chief Executive, Kevin Lavery, and more than 1500 staff who provide advice, implement Council decisions, and look after the city’s day-to-day operations.

We have 77,271 ratepayers and 205,199 residents who are our customers, and contribute to the funding of our activities through property rates. We also provide many services and income from those services also provides critical funding for many of our activities.

Our core services and value adding activities

We carry out a combination of core services and value adding activities. Our core infrastructure and regulatory services and functions include:

We also provide our residents and ratepayers with a number of important services such as libraries, museums, nature reserves, and other recreational facilities and community amenities.

Our value adding activities are things we do in addition to delivering the basics well. These often include initiatives that we undertake with our partners. Their purpose is to strengthen the diversity and resilience of Wellington’s economy and enhance Wellingtonians quality of life.